Exams and interviews:

Quest Week 2018 falls from 5th – 9th November, though the overseas trips will likely travel the weekend preceding this and possibly return the weekend following. This is a change in order to try to avoid some external examinations which have affected some students in the past few years. However it is NOT guaranteed that this later date will solve this problem.

It is therefore still very important that you check that you are not going to be involved in ANY exams (SAT’s etc) which might affect your choice for Quest Week 2018. It is YOUR responsibility to check this and make sure you do not have a clash.

Once you have been confirmed on your option, and your deposit has been paid, if you decide that you can no longer go on your chosen Quest Week option you will NOT be entitled to any refund of your deposit.

Possibility of Leaving Island School:

If you know that it is likely that you will be leaving Island School before the start of Quest Week 2018 you must NOT sign up for an overseas trip. Withdrawal after confirmation of your trip leads to many complications and has a impact on the remainder of the group both financially and in terms of the logistics for the trip.

If you chose an overseas trip and withdraw after you have been confirmed on your option and deposits have been made, you will NOT be entitled to any refund of your deposit.

If there is a strong possibility that you will be leaving Island School, for whatever reason, then please sign for the option “It is HIGHLY LIKELY I will be leaving IS”. In this instance, if you further down the line find you will be remaining at Island School please contact Ms. Sasha James or Mrs. Stephanie Weathington for information on which options are still available for you to choose from.