Please note that you need to look at the tab for your year group in the coming Academic Year of 2018-19. E.G. if you are in Y9 now – you need to look at the tab for Y10 – as this is the web site for the coming academic year!

Before you make your selection, you must have had a discussion with your parents about what you are allowed to choose. Your parents must approve of your choice as they are the ones who will be paying for your option. We do realize how important it is that you go somewhere or do something with friends, so spend some time talking with them as well.

Please consider carefully whether you will be able to be away from Hong Kong during the this week of November 2018 if you wish to go on an overseas trip. While we have tried to plan the week of Quest Week for 2018 to avoid the numerous external exams and re-sits please be aware that some exams may still fall within our Quest Week period. Please see the pull down menu under the Quest Week Tab, entitled “Choosing wisely…” regarding this on the front page of this web site. I would like to stress that withdrawal from your option, once deposits have been paid, will result in the loss of your deposit.

The sign up process opens on Thursday 15th March at 8:00pm for Y12 students, Friday 16that at 8:00pm for Y11 students and Saturday 17th March at 8:00pm for Y8, Y9 & Y10 students. The sign up will Close on Monday 19th March a 10:00pm to all students. Please note, we have a new system for 2018. Details of the new sign up process will be emailed to all students and parents shortly.

Y7 or Y8 Camp Prefects –if you have applied for and been accepted as a Camp prefect for either Y7 or Y8 Camp DO NOT  sign up for a Quest Week option.