Location: Hong Kong

CAS Self Initiated Work Experience or Community Service

Target Year Group: Y13

Cost: No charge

Option Leader: Ms Andrea Walsh

Please note this is a Hong Kong based option ONLY due to Health and Safety and Accountability.


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Y13 students wishing to offer Community Service or who wish to be involved in Work Experience, are asked to seek a placement and get approval from the Charity or place of work.

This approval needs to be in writing and also needs to be supported by written agreement from your parents as well as your House staff.

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The placement for either option is the responsibility of the student, who must be proactive and enthusiastic in their research into a placement.


Your approved plan must be submitted to the Island School option leader by May 31st 2018. This plan should be on the form provided and will contain all the contact details for where you will be and exactly what you will be doing. In addition, you must provide your written approval letter from your ’employer’ or charity, together with an approval letter from your parents.

So for example, a number of students want to do a week in a Primary School (maybe their old school!) – you need to make contact with the Principal of the school, get approval to be there during Quest Week and then have this approval in writing sent to you by May 31st. This then needs to be forwarded to the Island School option leader. The same process must be followed for all placements – whether the placement is for a Community Service week or a Work Experience week.

Failure to meet these deadlines may mean that you will be taken off this option and asked to choose a new one.

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