Location: Island School & a Recording Studio in Central, Hong Kong.
Price: :
Target Year Groups: Y9 to Y13
Maximum number of students: 30
Approximate cost: HK$4,700
This is a new and exciting option for us this year. Please see below the proposed itinerary for 2018.

Option Leader: TBC

Performance / Original Music / Personality 

Go behind the scenes with Y Rock Professionals

A songwriting and performance workshop for students interested in understanding the creative process of the entertainment industry and development towards industry standard. No experience necessary.

Y Rock was launched in 2005 to provide a pop-culture platform for talented teenagers to express themselves through music composition, performance and digital media.  Since then, Y Rock has organised over 150 live events at venues such as Orange Peel, The Edge, Hard Rock Café, Hong Kong Cyberport and Discovery Bay in conjunction with The Big Picnic Community Music Festival and HKAPA. YRock talent is also chosen each year to perform at Clockenflap and at this year’s HK Rugby 7s in April.

Y Rock has produced many original music recordings. They can be heard on the YRock Sound Cloud channel.  Many of these have received airplay and promotion from local media networks including RTHK, Radio 3 and SCMP.

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The first 3 days are spent working to create your own original music and arrangements. This is done at school in the music rooms with band equipment set up, plus practice rooms so you can split up into your groups and work on your songs.

At the end of each day you will perform what you have developed so far to get you gradually used to performing.

Day 4 will be spent at a recording studio (you will be taken in groups throughout the day).

Day 5 we rehearse for a performance to parents and friends at around 2pm on Friday afternoon.

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Day 1


  • Introduction to the week and getting to know each other
  • Intro to course
  • Video Selection of Music Clips
  • Inspiration, creative song writing, audience message, poems, bands
  • Get into groups
  • Brainstorming for lyrics of songs
  • Add music, form etc


  • Perform what you have so far

Day 2


  • Arranging workshop
  • Vocal/guitar/keys/drums technique
  • Song writing continues
  • Rehearsals


  • Performance

Day 3


  • Preparation for recording
  • Inspiration – finding the energy
  • Selling yourself through the song
  • Add trimmings, pad out song to give full sound
  • Finish songs
  • Rehearsals, jamming, Finale Song


  • Rehearsals
  • Performance



  • Rehearsals
  • Band Names/Image
  • Rehearse Finale
  • CD Covers


  • Performance Practice

Day 5


  • Performance skills, delivery
  • Difference between recording and live
  • Performance
  • Line Check


  • Live Performance
  • Evaluation

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