Location: BSD Code and Design Academy
 Target Year Groups: Y9 to Y13
Maximum number of students: 30
Approximate cost: HK$5,100

Option Leader: Mr Roper

This experience is based in Hong Kong at the BSD Code and Design Academy.

BSD are back for Island School Quest week with a new and exciting Gaming App!

Open to all: Beginners, intermediate and advanced level

Students new to game development will build their own fully working online app based game in a week using Phaser. Learn to code and design a game app and have it installed on your smartphone.

In addition to building a game narrative, game characters and scenes, custom score systems and levels; learn to add physics, animations, sprites, sounds, particles, in game camera and touchscreen inputs. 

For those new to coding or those that have not programmed with real logic-based coding languages before, this course will guide participants to create fully functioning online video game apps that can be shared with friends, or used as the first concept on the road to create something even bigger.

There is no previous knowledge needed for this programme, just imagination, creativity and the desire to take your first steps into controlling the technology in the world around you.

Topics covered:

– HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Phaser
– UI & UX and Prototyping
– Design & Computational Thinking
– Storyboarding, game narrative development, game scores and levels