Location: The Wildlife Rescue Centre, Yogyakarta
Target Year Groups: Y10 to Y13
Maximum number of students: 24
Approximate cost: HK$11,800 to $12,200 dependent on student numbers
Outside Provider or Organisation: Wildlife Rescue Centre, Masarang Foundation

Trip Leader: Mr Matt Rappel

Please note that parents are responsible for the arrangement of visas if required.

Please ensure that your child’s passport is valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of departure from their destination.

Yogya - volcano


Yogyakarta is located in the heart of the island of Java in Indonesia. It is known as the cradle of civilization on Java and is a cultural centre in Indonesia steeped in ancient history. However, the focus of this trip to this remarkable city will be on wildlife conservation.

We will be based at the Yogyakarta Wildlife Rescue Centre, a centre that focuses on animal rescue and rehabilitation as well as offering a sanctuary for wildlife that has either lost its natural habitat or has been confiscated from illegal pet traders and owners.

Yogya - cage 3

The Centre is located in a peaceful and very traditional area around 20kms outside of the city within a small forest, which gives it a sensation of living in a tropical forest within Indonesia.

Students will be working with some of Indonesia’s most endangered wildlife including one of our closest relatives the Orangutan.

Yogya - orangutan 1Yogya - orangutan 2

We will be spending three days working alongside the keepers at the centre assisting them with a variety of hands on jobs that will see us working closely with the animals and birds there. As well as working with the keepers the students will work on a specific Island School funded project. On our last visit to we built a new home for the Slow Loris, a type of nocturnal primate.

As well as getting to know the wildlife of Indonesia we will also explore the local culture by visiting a traditional Javan village. We will take a bike tour through the lush paddy fields as well as learn the ancient art of batik.

Yog 9Yog 10

If you are a keen photographer, we will run several photographic workshops throughout the trip that will offer a great experience for beginners and amateur enthusiasts a like. You will not only have an opportunity to photograph some of Indonesia’s most endangered wildlife, but whilst in Yogyakarta we shall also spend a day exploring the ancient site of Borobudur. Borobudur is a Buddhist stupa and temple complex dating from the 8th century, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Yogya - Borobudur 4Yogya - Borobudur 7KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAYogya - Borobudur 6Yogya - Borobudur 3

Depending on the water levels we will then look to raft the Elo River. This trip will cover 13km’s or about 2,5 hours on Elo river and rapids of level 2 and 3 will make this an ideal river to combine thrill and relaxation. Students will also have the opportunity to visit the local markets and discover other ancient city sights.

Alternatively the rafting may be replaced with a 4WD trip around Mt. Merapi volcano. The jeep ride normally takes 2-3 hours. They will get in the jeep and go for a drive around the bottom of the mountain and visit Alien’s rock, the bunker and the museum with items retrieved from the village after the eruption and the bones of animals burnt out from the lava. There’s plenty of opportunities for photos.

The week will finish with a hike along the rugged coastline south of Yogjakarta in the Gunung Kidul Regency, where we will explore the local caves and beaches and visit a local NGO Ocean Life of Indonesia and hear about how they are saving Indonesia’s rich coastal environment. A perfect way to end the trip before heading back to Hong Kong.

Yogya - raftYogya - beachYogya - hikerYogya - cavesYogya - beach sunset 2