Location: Island School, Tai Wai Campus
Price: :
Target Year Groups: Y9 to Y13
Maximum number of students: 30
Approximate Cost: HK$3,300
Outside Provider or Organisation: The Living Room

Option Leader: TBC

The Week:

The Rock School is a 5 day long camp, 9am – 2:30pm that puts students in a band situation where they are taught basic music theory, learn all about the dynamics of playing in a band and write their own original piece (music arrangement and lyrics). The camp culminates in the form of a small
concert where the bands will perform to family, friends and students.

At the start of the camp the students are grouped into different bands where they will have to decide on their band name and cover songs. Every morning we run morning workshops where the students look at different aspects of working within a band, such as: band dynamics, songwriting, music history, recording and performance.

The afternoon sessions have a practice / practical focus; working out their different parts and practicing as a group. Throughout the second half of the camp the focus shifts to creation of their original music composition; with a combination of creating, recording and mixing their own original demo song. Our coaches are on hand to support and guide them throughout this experience together. On the final day the students put on a performance to share their new band’s name, songs and the journey that they have been on together.

 Students Feedback: “Playing music in a band is the coolest and we make up our band names, I love it!”

About The Living Room

The Living Room is a Hong Kong based social enterprise ran by Matthew Snelgrove, with a true third culture upbringing who grew up in Asia and has a huge heart for Hong Kong and young people. He is also the creator of Rock Revolution, a successful music initiative that develops talented young and upcoming musicians. As a company they are passionate about seeing Hong Kong Youth develop into their full potential, coupled with practical skills and experience. The Living Room is a creative, lively and inspiring place for young people to grow.

Parents Feedback: “For musicians and non musicians alike Rock School provides a fantastically supportive environment learning and playing music”.