Location: Hong Kong.
Target Years Groups: Y9 to Y13.
Maximum number of students: 28
Approximate cost: HK$3,700 
Requirements: Camera, camera battery and charger & an empty camera memory card. 
Outside provider or Organisation: Image Box

Option Leader: Stephen Budd

What the Week Involves

During the week Georgina, from Image Box, will deliver a basic photography course, consisting of theory and practice over the week and ending in a virtual and physical photography exhibition at the end of the week, available for everyone to view.  All students produce stunning work with the knowledge they have gained over the week and are able to talk technically and emotionally about their work.
The week starts with theory of shutter speed and a discussion about what to look for when looking through the lens, students gather ideas and discuss between themselves ideas including shape, colour, feeling, mood, storytelling etc and then share with the whole class. We will then talk through the theory of shutter speed. In the afternoon we put our knowledge to the test and visit a iconic sight in HK to try shutter speed and what we thought about when looking through the lens. The results are very strong.
We move on through the week in the same way working through the main elements of photography, shutter speed, ISO, aperture, lens use, metering and reading light and finally to manual use. The aim through the week is to capture images with these different skills confidently and use one to  three of our best images for an exhibition at the end of the week. The last two days of the week are taken up with a photo shop workshop and a discussion on which images are the strongest and why, plus a written piece about their work and how and why it was achieved.
On the last day we frame and display the images in a public area of the school, for students, teachers and parents to come and view. The students then have to walk viewers around the exhibit and give them there view and technical knowledge about their teams and their own images.
The students receive a supporting document to help them with a different technique each day, this document can be used later for reference and notes. The students also have access to Georgina’s e-mail so they can send images in the evening for the next day discussion and help.