Location: Langkawi, Malaysia.
Target Year Groups: Y9 to Y13
Maximum number of students: 36
Approximate cost: HK$14,200
Outside Provider or Organisation: EcoFieldTrips 
This is a new trip for 2019. 

Trip Leaders: Mr Scott Robinson & Ms Rachel Trinder

Please note that parents are responsible for the arrangement of visas if required.

Please ensure that your child’s passport is valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of departure from their destination.

Off the North-Western shores of Malaysia lies an archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea known as Langkawi. Our Nature and Adventure trip is all about immersing students in Langkawi’s natural heritage, while challenging them to step out of their comfort zones. Students will get to explore the only UNESCO Geo-park in South East Asia through numerous adventure, ecology and cultural activities. We will be staying at the Best Star Resort –  it has it’s own private pool and is located right on the beachfront!


What exactly does it mean to be the “Greenest Resort in Malaysia”? The Frangipani Resort will open its doors to our biologists and students in an effort to show how exactly they earned their title! Mixing innovation with science and engineering, students will gain knowledge on the basics of environmental planning and sustainable design. There is also an opportunity for groups to partake in the resort’s campaign to minimize waste and reduce, reuse & recycle.


Day 1: Arrival in Langkawi

  • Group arrival into Langkawi airport
  • Langkawi Airport to Resort
  • Arrival and check in to hotel
  • Resort briefing and Dinner at Resort
  • Intro to Rainforests

Day 2: Rainforest and High-ropes Canopy Adventure

  • Breakfast
  • Coach to Rainforest
  • Rainforest trek with Local Guide and EcoFieldTrips (EFT) Staff (Focus: Rainforest ecology & conservation)
  • Packed Lunch in Stream Area
  • Depart to Canopy Adventures
  • Canopy Adventure Afternoon (focus: challenge, adventure)
  • Depart for Resort
  • Dinner at Resort
  • EFT Presentation: “Freshwater Ecosystems”

Day 3: Waterfall and Freshwater Ecosystems, Batik Afternoon

  • Breakfast
  • Depart to Waterfall
  • Arrive Survey Techniques and Freshwater Study (Focus: sampling techniques, invert ID, ecology)
  • Swim at Waterfall
  • Packed Lunch at Waterfall
  • Depart Waterfall
  • Arrive Batik & start batik workshop (Focus: creativity, culture)
  • Depart Batik
  • Arrive at Resort & Free time
  • Dinner at Red Tomato
  • EFT Presentation – “Mangroves”

Day 4: Mangrove Kayak & Environmental service (Activity & Service)

  • Student wake-up call
  • Breakfast at resort
  • Coach to mangroves “Hole in the wall”
  • Boat transfer to site
    – EFT Briefing on boat
  • Kayaking in mangroves estuaries/caves (Focus: Activity)
  • Lunch at restaurant – “Hole in the wall”
  • Bat Cave and Mangrove Boardwalk
    Plant Mangrove saplings (Focus: Environmental service – ecosystem restoration)
  • Clean-up & change
  • Coach to back to resort – Optional camping on the beach
  • Free Time
  • Dinner at Red Tomato
  • Evening Activity: Conservation or Camping (tbc)

Day 5: Marine service day

  • Breakfast
  • Depart for Royal Langkawi Yacht club
  • Depart by boat to Pulau Payar
  • Arrive: Briefing & snorkel training
    Snorkelling (focus: fish / invert ID, Indicator species survey techniques)
  • Lunch at beach
  • Snorkelling (focus: coral health surveys)
  • Depart Pulau Payar
  • Arrive back on Langkawi
    Free time
  • Dinner at Resort
  • EFT: “Pub Quiz”

Day 6: Laman Padi day (Culture & Service)

  • Breakfast
  • Depart to walk to Laman Padi
  • Laman Padi Program (Focus: Culture & Service)
  • Lunch at Laman Padi
  • Laman Padi Program cont.
  • Depart Laman Padi
  • Free Time
  • Dinner at Red Tomato
  • EFT Activity: TBC

Day 7: Team-building, reflections & depart

  • Breakfast & checkout
  • “Watch your step” activity – trip knowledge review activity
  • Team-building / Trip reflections
  • Lunch
  • Depart to Airport
  • Arrive at Airport and fly home!



Rainforest Adventure

To take full advantage of the Geopark, let our EFT leaders inspire students to learn about tropical rainforests and their inhabitants during a rainforest hike at the base of Gunung Raya. The vast areas of protected rainforest on Langkawi are ours to explore! Students can even take their rainforest experience to new heights – the canopy. Working with the award-winning tour operator Langkawi Canopy Adventures, students are taken on a thrilling high ropes course, winding between primary rainforest trees and exploring all layers of the rainforest.

Durian Waterfall

Durian Waterfall is one of the less visited waterfalls in Langkawi, making it the perfect spot for students to enjoy a swim in a natural swimming pool. Students can learn about freshwater systems and the formation of waterfalls, as well as investigate the high diversity of butterfly species found within this little valley.

Kayaking Expeditions

Journey by kayak through breath-taking limestone formations and expansive estuarine mangroves for an unforgettable experience. Students will be taken through the islands formation and why Langkawi is the only UNESCO Geopark in South East Asia as well get an up-close encounter with mangrove ecology from within. At the end of the kayak we make a well-earned lunch stop at a floating guest house.

Limestone Caves

Through natural erosion, a number of caves have formed along the limestone coastline of Langkawi. Many of these caves have now become key habitats for a number of organisms such as bats, centipedes and worms. Our EFT biologists will introduce students to the many adaptations cave dwelling species have developed in order to make use of such a unique habitat!


A UNESCO Geopark, Langkawi has a reputation as one of Malaysia’s premier snorkelling locations. Students will have the opportunity to get up close to some of the world’s most recognizable marine species and discover how to assess the health of the reef under the guidance of our EFT Biologists. For an experience like no other, our biologists offer students a chance to partake firsthand in conservation measures and learn more about the marine environment!

Cultural Activities

A short and scenic walk along the beach takes us to Laman Padi, an interactive agricultural museum, showcasing the Malaysian history and heritage of rice agriculture. Here, students will enjoy a multisensory experience as they learn how to plant rice, plough the fields with real water buffalo and catch catfish among the rice paddies. We will also visit a Batik Centre where students can marvel at the many kinds of creative Batik art and learn about its significance in Malaysian culture. Students will have the opportunity to paint their own Batik masterpiece under expert tutelage from a local artist.


Our team is trained to run team-building workshops focusing on building students’ vital intra and interpersonal skills such as communication, leadership and critical thinking. Each session involves a reflection
process, to ensure the students get the maximum benefit from the skill-specific workshops.