Location: Nepal.
Target Year Groups: Y12 and Y13
Priority will be given to students who have not been to Katja House before and are in their final year at Island School.
Maximum number of students: 40
Approximate Cost: HK$13,000

Trip Leader: Mr Paul Harries and Mrs Claire Tait

Please note that parents are responsible for the arrangement of visas which are required for Nepal. Please ensure that your child’s passport is valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of arrival at their destination.

Katja 1

This highly popular trip involves working for a week in Katja House, an orphanage and nearby school set up by Island School teachers.

Accommodation: View Bhrikutii Hotel, Godavari

Included in the cost:

The cost will include transport from school to the airport, flights, insurance, accommodation, breakfast at the Hotel and lunches at Katja House, transport within Nepal and sightseeing. Further, the evening meal at the hotel will be provided on 3 of the 5 nights. However, on Monday and Thursday evening the students will eat in restaurants in Tamal and will be able to eat well for US$25 per night.

Trip details and history:

In 1997, Island School started fund raising to buy a piece of land near Kathmandu in order to build an orphanage for a group of orphans who were being sponsored but who had nowhere permanent to live. Katja House opened in 2001.


Since then, during Quest Week, hundreds of Island School students have made the most of the opportunity to work with the 53 children living there. If your application to join the Kathmandu project is successful you will be expected to undertake new challenges, working with different groups of Island School students and the Katja kids.

Katja..children.3aKatja - children 5Katja - childrenKatja - children 4

These challenges might include:

· shopping for and cooking Nepali food for everyone on the trip

· teaching English to the Katja kids

· more demanding manual work such as gardening, painting, decorating and sewing.

In addition they will be forging relationships with the Katja House students that will give them valuable insight into the lives of others. The Katja students range in age from 4 -14. The IS students are expected to engage in play and learning activities with the students of Katja House. They should be prepared to take the lead in these activities and as such they should think carefully about what they are going to do before their departure so that the activities are appropriately resourced.  Further, the students will be sightseeing in Thamel, Boudhnath and Batipur.

We hope that you will develop a greater awareness of Nepal’s economic situation as one of the poorest countries in the world as you see for yourselves the deprivation and poverty that people face in their day to day lives. You will realize how much you have and how much you take for granted e.g. electricity!


Day 1 

Meeting on arrival, transfer to View Bhrikuti Hotel, Godavari

Day 2

Working at Katja House

Day 3 

Working at Katja House

Day 4

Morning – Working at Katja House

Afternoon – Visit Boudhnath

Evening – Thamel  (Eat in Thamel)

Day 5

Working at Katja House

Day 6 

Morning – Visit Batipur

Afternoon and Evening – Thamel  (Eat in Thamel)

Day 7 

Morning   – Working at Katja House

Afternoon – Entertainment at Katja House

Evening – Meal at Dwarika

Transfer to airport for departure to HK

Day 8 

Arrive HK  5:50 am

Visa: It is important that you please check your passport and confirm that it will have 6 months remaining in November 2017. There is a tourist visa requirement for Nepal.