Location: Kyushu, Japan.
Target Year Groups: Y9 to Y13 (For Year 9, those who understand Japanese/ those who are learning Japanese recommended)
Maximum number of students: 48
Approximate cost:  HK$17,250
The is a new itinerary for 2017 and we have added a home stay to enhance the cultural experience.

Trip Leader: Ms. M. Rei

Please note that parents are responsible for the arrangement of visas if required. Please ensure that your child’s passport must remain valid during the period of stay in Japan. 

Day 1
Flight from HK to Kyushu Kagoshima Airport → Kagoshima City → stay in hotel in Kagoshima

Day 2

Bicycle Tour → Sakurajima Volcano(by car ferry) → Japanese family farm → Greetings of Japanese families → Japanese Family Farm Home Stay(Tarumizu City)

Japan - Sakurajima VolcanoJapan - tarumizu city

Day 3
Kanpachi Fish Farm → School exchange program (school visit) → Ibusuki → Japanese family farm home Stay

Japan - Kanpachi fish farm

Day 4

Work at the farm → Farm farewell → Japanese Kimono experience → Kagoshima City Tour → stay in hotel in Kagoshima

Japan - farming

Day 5
Tarumizu (Ferry) → Kamoike → Nagasakibana (walking program) → Kaimondake → Ibusuki Hot Spring (steam sand bath) → stay in hotel in Ibusuki

Japan - NagasakibanaJapan - Ibusuki hot springJapan - sandbath

Day 6
Lake Ikeda → Tenmonkan Shopping Street → Kyushu Kagoshima Airport → Hong Kong

Ibusuki Area GuideJapan - Lake Ikeda 1Japan - Tenmonkan Shopping st