Location: North Point and various locations around Hong Kong.
Price: :
Target Year Groups: Y9 to Y13
Maximum number of students: 18
Approximate cost: HK$2,000
Please see below the new sample itinerary for 2017.

Option Leader: Ms. Karen Guo

Island School Art Week
The group will be working with Gail Deayton. Gail studied Fine Art at Manchester University, specialising in sculpture.  She is a practising artist, who is currently sculpting in Bronze, Stainless Steel and concrete.  She runs courses that cover a wide variety of techniques and disciplines, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and two and three-dimensional works.

Students will be working from Gail’s studio, which is located in North Point on the 21st floor, has great views up and down Kings Road, up to the mountains and down to Victoria Harbour. These views constantly inspire creativity.   In addition to the inside studio area, there are two outside terraces, with great awning coverage for shade. One terrace is a purpose built Art area for large-scale, messy work; the other terrace is decked out as a relaxation area, where you can drink complimentary tea, coffee and water with your feet up.

rsz_1studio_1rsz_sketch_techniquesCardboard models


Day 1

Meet somewhere (this could be Lamma, or one o the other outlying islands, North Point markets etc etc) and create a few drawings in work journals, take photos videos etc to record certain elements of their surroundings. Have lunch, discuss drawings, then move to another location and create some more in the afternoon.  We can work out later where we will go.

Day 2

Back in the studio, develop their own drawings into a series of prints. Depending on the quality of drawings, they could do mono, lino or collagraph, or a couple of different styles to get themselves familiar with the work.

Day 3

In the morning, print any images and finish any images that haven’t been printed etc. In the afternoon create a mixed-media image that has been developed from both the drawings and the prints. Students can use a variety of materials, collage, wire, tissue plaster etc.

Day 4

Individually using all previous work as inspiration, design a sculpture, looking at the shapes and forms in their work. After some designs have been done, get put into groups, then discuss designs and work collaboratively to design a joint sculpture. In the afternoon start making the sculpture using card, wire, found objects, plaster etc.

Day 5

Finish building group sculpture individual and group reflections on the week. Possibly in the afternoon, go back into Central to visit an exhibition (to be determined at the time).