Location: North Point and various locations around Hong Kong.
Target Year Groups: Y9 to Y13
Maximum number of students: 17
Approximate cost: HK$1,950
Please see below the new sample itinerary for 2018.

Option Leader: TBC

Island School Art Week
The group will be working with Gail Deayton of Hong Kong Art Tutoring. Gail studied Fine Art at Manchester University, specialising in sculpture.  She is a practising artist, who is currently sculpting in Bronze, Stainless Steel and concrete.

The course will take place in HKAT’s studio, located in North Point, and in and around Hong Kong in a variety of locations, depending on the activity. HKAT’s studio is located in North Point.

rsz_1studio_1rsz_sketch_techniquesCardboard models

Students will have the opportunity to spend the week working alongside professional artists, exploring the arts. They will learn and develop new art techniques, that will be both challenging but fun. Being challenged allows students to become aware of possibilities and strengths that they didn’t know they had. This builds their confidence, enabling them to take risks, succeeding in new activities and areas.

The schedule for the week begins at an agreed location where the students will be guided on how to collect the research material that will be later usedin the studio in the development of the artworks. The students
will spend a period of time photographing, drawing and painting the environment, in places ranging from the city, parks, the harbour front, rural areas (beaches and mountains) or in areas of cultural interest such as temples, markets or villages.


Students create, plan and initiate work individually and in groups, working collaboratively with others. Work will be executed through a variety of disciplines in both two and three-dimension. The work can later be taken back to school, used for personal portfolios or used to bring color into the school, making a positive collaborative difference to the school environment.

This is a great option for those students who are planning to stay in Hong Kong during this special week, and HKAT aim to make the experience equally special and exciting.


About HKAT

The HKAT programme is facilitated by lively and friendly Artists with a strong background in teaching and event delivery. Our Artists look to be as inclusive as possible and we find that, with a little help, participants are often amazed and energised by the quality of what they manage to create. Whether in our space or yours, we offer fun, challenging and creative experiences.