Location: Tai Mei Tuk Dam/Tai Mo Shan MTB Trails/Tai Lam Chung Reservoir/Nam Sang Wai Grass Fields, Hong Kong.
Target Year Groups:  Y9 to Y13
Maximum number of students: 40
Approximate cost: HK$5,000
Requirements: Must have the ability to cycle.
Outside Provider or Organisation: Strider
Location: Tai Mei Tuk Dam/Tai Mo Shan MTB Trails/Tai Lam Chung Reservoir/Nam Sang Wai Grass Fields, Hong Kong

Option Leader: Mr. Jason Wells

Biking Adventure Program


This 5 day biking program is specifically designed by professional Mountain Biking athletes to provide a comprehensive insight into this exciting sport and to explore the scenic views of Hong Kong. This program caters to students of ALL riding abilities from beginners to advanced riders.

The coaching team is made up of current racing and ex professional Mountain Bike athletes and are all native English speakers.

The practical skills will be mentioned with safety as a first priority. Students will visit leisurely scenic locations from reservoirs to the mountains of Hong Kong on their bikes while taking in the sights safely together with their classmates and friends.



Day 1: Tai Mei Tuk Dam Leisure Ride

  • Starting the week off easy, at Tai Mei Tuk Dam, all students will take a leisurely ride along the Dam together getting to know each other as well as the coaches while the coaches assess the ability of each individual student.

Day 2: Tai Lam Chung Reservoir Trail 

  • Riding along the trail following the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir with a chance to stop and take photos, as well as stopping mid point for a small picnic on the open grass field.

Day 3: Nam Sang Wai Open Grass Fields

  • Nam Sang Wai is famous for its open grass area that is great for biking, picnics, scenery and many photo taking opportunities. After a tour of the area and photo taking, we will have a small group game session on bikes followed by a picnic on the large grass area.

Day 4: Tai Mo Shan Mountain Biking 

  • An exciting venture into the Tai Mo Shan Mountain Biking Trails with a skills workshop at the midway bike training area to improve handling skills. We will then ride the awesome single track taking in the scenery from the highest mountain in Hong Kong.

Day 5: Tai Mei Tuk Dam 

  • All students will have had an exciting week and should be exhausted from the adventures and riding! Toning down the week we will have an easy social ride and one last lunch together at a Tai Mei Tuk restaurant before we all say our goodbyes!

Important Note – All students should bring at least one litre of water each day and have eaten a good breakfast prior to the start of the day. Students should also bring their own, ample sized, lunch and a change of dry clothes. Skate style shoes with a flat rubber sole are highly recommended. All other equipment is provided.

*Improved biking locations might be introduced for a better experience as new trail networks are due for completion later this year.