Location: Various locations around Hong Kong.

Target Year Groups: Y12

Cost: No Charge

Please note that Prefects are PRE-SELECTED and confirmed  as Camp Prefects before Quest Week sign up. 

There are two opportunities for helping to supervise younger students during Quest Week. This is a fun and rewarding way to collaborate with staff and students and a great way to develop your leadership skills.

Number of Prefects for Year 7 Camp: 24

Number of Prefects for Year 8 Camp: 17



Being a prefect on Camp

Island School students say that they never forget who their Camp Prefects were!

“Why be a prefect at Camp?…” The able guidance of our prefects, made camp extremely enjoyable. We were all made to feel so comfortable, that the nervousness of being at camp as Year 7 students just fell away. I would like to set a similar goal for myself and as a prefect, lead by positive example, set the standard for fairness and impart confidence to the year 7’s at their first camp experience at Island School.

I strongly feel that being a camp prefect gives us older students a chance to interact with the lower school students in a non formal environment, not only guiding them but also building friendships and looking after their wellbeing.

Being a camp prefect is a great responsibility. You can expect some long days and  sleepless nights.


Camp leaders will want you to always be positive and  encouraging to others, particularly when younger students are finding it challenging.

You will need to be prepared to take initiative when you know that things need to be done.

At times it can be physically demanding and you will need to cope with this while always remembering that the students you are there to support are probably even more tired. You will need to show patience and empathy when students are finding things tough or when relationships breakdown.

The Camps will need prefects who are creative , sporty, positive, sensitive , well organised and energetic.

Typically you will be in dorm rooms or tents with the younger students, you will do the same activities that they do and  you will eat what they eat.

Camp leaders are looking for reliable team players who are prepared to go the extra mile for others.

Please note that all year 7 camp prefects will be required to do an overnight pre-camp training camp to prepare for the camp…..



Selection: based on your being able to demonstrate enthusiasm in working with and being a role model for Year 8 students.

Prior to Camp (Aug/Sep/Oct)
    1. You will have training with Asia Pacific Adventure, a day with an overnight stay in the outdoors. This is an extension on the training for the last two years with APA.
    2. You will have weekly training at Island School (lunchtime) in which you will build confidence and techniques in managing young people. This will be led by teachers and former y8 Camp Prefects.
    3. You will learn “on the job” as the y8 Prefect team will lead all Quest Week assemblies leading up to the camp itself.
    4. You will meet the parents at the Year 8 information evening and enjoy leading them on some minor activities.


  1. You will be the role models and assistant leaders of 10 to 11 Year 8s. You will do this with guidance from and in conjunction with an APA staff facilitator.
  2. You will plan and lead activities at the camp, along with the others in your team.
  3. You will be involved in all feedback sessions on a daily basis with APA. We are, to date, the only school who have this working relationship with APA and it provides an excellent opportunity for you.
  4. You will be first line of support for the Year 8s working closely with Island School teachers.

Skills Attained

These are individual but students in the past have gained confidence, technique and self-belief through this programme. This is an excellent opportunity to work with adults who are not teachers, and test yourself in challenging conditions.

Please Note that all Y8 camp prefects will be required to do an overnight pre-camp training camp to prepare for the camp…..