Location: Various locations around Hong Kong.
Target Year Groups: Y9 to Y11
Maximum number of students: 40
Approximate cost: HK$500
Please note that the itinerary below is from 2016 but will remain similar for 2018

Option Leaders: Mr Stafford and Ms Lorraine Harte

The Amazing Race

Inspired by the famous TV show using Hong Kong as the destination and students as racers!

This 5-day challenge will focus on initiative skills, teamwork, creativity, problem solving and independent travel around Hong Kong on all forms of transportation.

In teams, students will complete Races event around Hong Kong solving clues to work out their next destination, working and completing a series of challenges.

Students will discover interesting areas and sites around Hong Kong from Stanley to Shatin or to the outlying islands, and visiting historical or cultural places of interest.
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Duration: 5 Days

Physical/Skill requirements: Students should expect a lot of walking

Special equipment: Credited Octopus card, packed lunch, suitable shoes for walking

Meals: Students to pack own lunch and drinks

Transportation: All on public transport – starting at school each day