Location: The Jockey Club Wong Shek Water Sports Centre, Sai Kung, Hong Kong.
Target Year Groups: Y9 to Y13
Maximum number of students: 20
Approximate Cost: HK$1,600 to HK$2,000 dependent on student numbers
Requirements: Students must be confident in water and able to swim at least 100M.
Outside Provider or Organisation: LCSD – The Jockey Club Wong Shek Water Sports Centre

Option Leader: Ms. Emily Norton

This week of water sports activities will be run at Wong Shek Water Sports Centre, in Sai Kung, which is an LCSD Water Sports Centre. Overlooking Long Harbour in Sai Kung East, the Jockey Club Wong Shek Water Sports Centre enjoys a magnificent location. The waters are ideal for sailing, windsurfing and canoeing with easy access to the open sea and superb coastal scenery.

The Centre is surrounded by mountains from three sides, thus forming a natural barrier for beginners to practise their skills in the waters just outside the Centre and in inner bay of To Kwa Peng.

Students will be doing Kayaking and Wind Surfing during the week and they have the opportunity to cover different training courses during the week which may lead to a qualification in that course. Sufficient qualifications in a chosen water sport will enable students to hire out the kayaks, windsurfers, etc in the future at any LCSD centres without the need of instructors.

All necessary equipment will be provided by the Centre from Wetsuits and Life Jackets to kayaks, etc.

Students will need to bring their own swimsuits, towels and appropriate attire for the water sport they choose to do. A warm change of clothes is recommended for the end of the day. Students will also need to bring their own packed lunch and drinks for the day. Plenty of water is recommended along with suncream and hats and sun glasses.

The centre is closed on Tuesday so on this day we will take a break from water sports and enjoy a hike and day out with your friends!

Water Sports HK - kayaking 1Water Sports HK - wind surfing 1


Kayaking / Canoeing is a sport for all ages. It requires no complicated equipment. All you need is a paddle and a lifejacket / buoyancy aid and you will soon enjoy paddling with simple instructions.

Kayak 1 Star Award Training (1 day course)

A course specially designed for beginners. It is intended to get you started on sheltered waters and introduce the basic paddling strokes, whistle signals, personal gear, the relevance of lifejacket / buoyancy aid, raft-up as well as capsize training. After successful completion of the course, you may proceed to the 2-Star Award Training.

Kayak 2 Star Award Training (1 day course)

After learning the basic techniques of paddling, you may proceed to acquire other skills in sheltered waters including the knowledge of lifejacket / buoyancy aid, paddles and canoes, weather effect, stern rudder, raft manoeuvre and HI rescue, etc. After successful completion of the course, you may proceed to the 3-Star Award Training.

Kayak 3 Star Award Training (1 day course)

The highest level of the Kayak Star Award Scheme. This is an intensive course that works on your existing skills and introduces the new techniques necessary for further advancement in proficiency and training of advanced levels. Training contents include safety awareness for canoeing, draw stroke, support stroke, individual clearance of water and HI rescue, etc. Holders of the Kayak 3 Star Award may hire a kayak / canoe for self-practice.


Windsurfing is a sport of fun and enjoyment. Once you can master the basic skills after successfully completing the basic training course, you will be able to do windsurfing on your own. You will enjoy the freedom when gliding on the surface of water and the romance of “flying” alongside with seagulls. It will also give you lots of excitement and challenge.

Basic Windsurfing Training (2 day course)

This course is specially designed to offer you a safe, uncomplicated and enjoyable start to the sport of windsurfing. Our fully-qualified instructors will guide you through the basic skills and theories, including launching, start and landing, sailing techniques and stance, manoeuvres, rigging, self-rescue techniques, sailing theories and safety codes. After passing the assessment, you may apply for the Basic Windsurfing Award or Competency Record and hire a windsurfing board for self-practice.

Basic Windsurfing Clinic (2 day course)

More practices are the second step for every novice windsurfer who wants to improve his / her skills. In this clinic, you will learn how to do tacking and gybing faster. It is also suitable for those who have left the sport for a long time and would like to refresh their skills.

  • Further Windsurfing courses are available at all LCSD Water Sports Centres for you to continue your Windsurfing training in your spare time if you’ve now got the bug!

NOTE: To join this option students must be able to to swim at least 100m and have confidence in water.

Water Sports HK - wind surfing 2Water Sports HK - wind surfing